Dubaï sous un ciel menaçant.

Gulf states on alert for heavy rains

In pictures, in pictures – On Sunday, the authorities of several Gulf countries raised alerts to their residents due to the rainfall for several days in this extremely hot and dry region.

The rains disrupt the daily lives of wealthy Gulf states, where authorities have rarely installed drainage systems due to the dearth of rain.

In the United Arab Emirates, heavy rain fell across the country, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The official Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported on Sunday that the bad weather is expected to continue until Thursday.

The precipitation was exacerbated by scattering clouds, a practice used by the authorities to increase the amount of precipitation, which is naturally very low and infrequent.

Flamingos in Dubai after heavy rain on January 2. KARIM SAHIB / AFP

In Sharjah, another emirate of this wealthy country, pedestrians and vehicles were taken in the Maronite waters. The authorities did not report the victim.

Heavy rain is also falling on the vast desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including pilgrims in the holy city of Mecca. The Civil Defense warned of the continuation of moderate to heavy rain in several areas.

Precipitation is rare

The authorities in Qatar called on the population to be vigilant, announcing “stormy rain“and the”Strong windIn different parts of the country, starting from Sunday.

In Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, January 1. – / France Press agency

In Kuwait it rainsAverage overall severityAnd it continues until Sunday evening, according to what was reported by the Meteorological Agency, to the official KUNA news agency. Lessons and exams will be suspended on Monday in schools across the country due toweather conditionKona has been added.

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Pumps were installed in Kuwait to clean the road on January 2nd. YASSER AL-ZAYYAT / AFP

The Sultanate of Oman announced today, Saturday,Stormy rain of varying intensityIn several parts of the country, Oman State TV broadcast pictures of roads in rain and rising water.

The Gulf countries benefit from very mild winter weather, with temperatures averaging around 20 degrees, except for rare and brief periods of heavy rain between November and January.

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