Guitar sends into space, the new poetic performance of musician Kwon

Guitar sends into space, the new poetic performance of musician Kwon

If some are already nostalgic for the photos taken by their favorite French astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, during his last flight aboard the International Space Station, here’s a new rendering that will once again plunge their heads into the stars. A strange project arose, headed by the Breton musician Kwon – Sandy Lavalalart with his real name. What if he accompanied his “high” music and made his guitar fly over the clouds?

Not a year, not two, after a year of hard work, the dream came true. On October 24, the artist hung an ultra-light guitar – specially designed for the occasion – on a helium balloon that flew over Quiberon Bay in Brittany. This poetic and vertiginous flight, at an altitude of 31,000 metres, was filmed live thanks to an onboard camera, and then unveiled on his YouTube channel on November 10.

The artist was not on his first attempt, he was accustomed to “live” performances in amazing places. In 2021, he was playing at the top The Aiguille du Triolet At an altitude of 3,870 meters, in previous years, it was on the sides of a volcano Canary Islands, or at Tévennec . lighthouse in Britain. Always alone, with his pedals, guitar, VCR, and lavish landscapes to dream about with the sound of his music.

The musician draws inspiration from these places to enrich his creativity: “I choose a place, I create a musical atmosphere that suits it, and once I get there, I rearrange the song. I satiate myself, I look, I notice, and then, I send “, he explains.

Artist Kwon performing in March at the Aiguille du Triolet, at the Mont-Blanc block.  (Kwon)

Kwoon is already aiming for an even crazier project, to be the first to play on the moon. To achieve this artist Invitation to share their video On behalf of the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet and millionaire engineer Elon Musk, owner of the company specializing in space, Space X.

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