Guillaume Ducat, recrue de l'intersaison va manquer plusieurs mois de compétition

Guillaume Ducat, victim of anterior cruciate ligament rupture

Bad news for the department of Paloise. His second international class, Guillaume Ducat, who arrived from Bayonne off-season, will miss several months of competition. The club said in a press statement, today, Monday, that Ernst Wallon suffered a limp a few seconds after playing last Saturday at the Ernst Wallon Stadium, and he suffers from a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament. “The entire club wishes the second grader a full recovery and gives him all its support. Everything will be done to bring him back to his best as quickly as possible‘, concludes the club’s statement.

From the world to the position

After starting four times in the first six days of the tournament, he quickly became one of the key pieces in the Balois division. againstNew Zealander Daniel Ramsey has his place this weekend at Toulouse Stadium. In this position, the Paloise division will be able to count on Fabrice Metz, Stephen Cummins, but also Julian Delaney – who has been affected by a foot in recent weeks – or Lekima Tagitagivalu, neatly aligned “in the cage” at Haute-Garonne. And then at the training center the young Jimmy Maximin or even Hugo Urado, who was seen during the preparation, will be able to get close to the professional team.

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