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Guadeloupe was reconstituted for at least three weeks from Wednesday evening

The Caribbean island follows neighboring Martinique, which has also been confined since Friday evening for three weeks.

Guadeloupe, in the face of “catastrophic situationGovernor Alexandre Rochat announced on Monday, August 2, that “in connection with the Covid-19 epidemic, it will be redefined for at least three weeks starting from Wednesday at 8:00 pm. The Caribbean island follows the neighboring region of Martinique, which has been confined since Friday evening for three weeks. Also.

«We are in a catastrophic situation, over 3000 cases per week“,” warned Valerie Dinnox, director general of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in Guadeloupe, during a joint press conference with the governor. “We have entered a very difficult stage“, under it the line Alexandre Rochat, Evoke”Basic measures when we see what happens over the weekend when the curfew is brought back».

Certificate required after 10 km

Accordingly, the curfew will be effective from Wednesday evening.Ahead 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM“And during the day there will be”Travel restrictions within 10 km around his homeThe governor said. «To move forward, you need a compelling reasonHe added that certification would be necessary. If shops remain open, as will restaurants at noon, all bars, as well as gyms, stadiums, and swimming pools will be closed. Walking on the beaches and taking sound systems on boats to organize parties are prohibited. On the beaches only existenceMoving»Walking, swimming or individual sports activity is allowed within the framework. On the other hand, the presence known as “fixedIt will be banned.

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«I call to, the governor insisted, That all August events, especially public holidays, be canceled or postponed“It is very much celebrated in Guadeloupe.”I hope we don’t go any furtherThe governor concluded, noting that a new point would be brought up next week.

Valerie Dinnox confirmed that the number of cases of Covid-19 virus was “Multiplied by more than 10 in 3 weeks». «The incidence rate is 828 per 100,000 population. We never got this far in Guadeloupe“, she insisted. call up “All the medical powers that wish to help us” To do that, “Including those who are on vacation in the territoryIt also indicated that none of the 22 patients currently in intensive care with Covid on the island had been vaccinated. Reunion Island also resumed this weekend with a two-week daytime partial confinement, reinforced by a strict 6pm-5am curfew.

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