GTA 6 map discovered by loyal fans thanks to science

GTA 6 map discovered by loyal fans thanks to science

I should have known that Grand Theft Auto VI The trailer won't end the speculation. Of course, this only fueled her further.

It is now known that GTA VI Launching in 2025, Grand Theft Auto fans are notoriously impatient. I know, I'm one of them. Since the trailer debuted, fans have gone through it very carefully, examining every frame for a clue. Some fans even went so far as to locate the strip club from the trailer in real life in Miami. It may take a while before Rockstar releases a new official update, as it doesn't want the hype to reach its peak too soon. We just learned about the first appearance of celebrities in the game


Well, loyal fans have taken matters into their own hands, and created what they believe is an accurate satellite map. You may remember that before the release of gta 5, Fans created a mock-up map using the trailer and various other elements. This has been shown to be quite accurate, and work on this is currently underway GTA VI Repeat for a while.

The GTA mapping community initially began working on the project when a Rockstar Games leak occurred in September 2022, using various gameplay clips and screenshots. Of course, when the official trailer was released last month, they were able to change it based on the new footage available. Since then, since Vice City is located in Miami, Florida, Reddit user RandomAmy7 used Google Maps to find matching satellite images of the city. GTA VI Mockup of a deck of cards. The end result is quite convincing. Take a look below.

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“This is huge,” one user responded, while another added: “I hope you're right.” » As with all speculation, take this card with a pinch of salt. Again, given that GTA V The model map turned out to be nearly accurate, and it's an interesting little project.

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