Greta Einstein was killed: science was sacrificed to the altar of the environment

Greta Einstein was killed: science was sacrificed to the altar of the environment

Yannick Oren’s guest: Jean Paul Orry

Guest Yannick Oren: Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 7:10 a.m. (replay at 9:10 a.m.) on Kernews

Jean-Paul Ory is a historian of science and technology, editor of The debate opens: “Do the population still take the work of scientists seriously?” Through the media? Or by politicians? One can doubt it after seeing the impact that false and totally strange ideas and theories can have on teenage Greta Thunberg, and the way it was received. “

What if we forgot Greta? What if we trusted scientists and innovation? This is the challenge launched by Jean-Paul Ory.

For Jean-Paul Ory, “Environment is no longer the prerogative of an irreducible handful of organic vegetable garden adherents. Thanks to the climate emergency, a young prophetess who embodies the idea of ​​universal good spreads the messianic vision of a dark future. There is no alternative: the ecological end of the world hour has come.” Prostration is our only way to salvation. This soft totalitarianism, tainted by anti-capitalist anti-capitalism, arose in a system of political and moral thought in defiance of the foundations of Cartesian reason.”

Jean-Paul Ory relentlessly describes the framework of faith imposed on us by the spread of a simplistic, Manichaean, and therefore massive ideology. Du bio à la voiture électrique en passant par le nucléaire ou les OGM, il démonte méthodiquement le corpus des poncifs écologists les plus clivants et les plus extrêmes dans l’espoir assumé de nous de la ver le science faire concier retro technical development.

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