Grenoble. What is the name of the future science center? You have until September 15 to vote

The name of the future Grenoble Science Center (Isère) has yet to be chosen, and Internet users have until September 15 to vote. (© © Arcane Architects for Grenoble Alpes Métropole)

The metropolis of Grenoble will open its future scientific center end of 2022 in Pont-de-Claix (Isère), but she has not yet found a small name. To do this, all potential future visitors are invited Online voting until September 15, 2021. Three names suggested by the Science Center project team: “Cosmocity”, “Pulsar” and “Micromega”.

This new center will be dedicated to Earth, universe and environment sciences, with show rooms, 3D immersion space, planetarium and belvedere.

Three memorial names

The three names chosen reflect the sciences and knowledge that will be honored in the Future Center.

  • Universe refers to cosmos, to the universe, to infinity. A city provokes a city, a community of citizens. Thus, this name symbolizes a city dedicated to the universe to understanding the consequences that science has on our societies that one can go through in becoming an informed citizen by learning the scientific process.
  • Pulsar is the name given to A neutron star spins very fast on itself. The heart rate monitor measures the pulse rate, which determines the heartbeat. In music, tone is the accent that is highlighted at the beginning of each beat. Quoting the Métropole de Grenoble, going to Pulsar means “experiencing a powerful and exciting emotion that makes hearts beat” and “participating in the influence of scholarly culture” while being part of a “lively neighborhood with school, music, and locals…”
  • micromega suggest toInfinitely small with the prefix ‘micro’ and infinitely large at the same time with the suffix ‘mega’. Micromega is also a philosophical story by Voltaire. “Going to Micromega is to experience the infinitely small and infinitely small; understand that scientific inquiry is endless; discover new knowledge and be part of the Enlightenment tradition, where reason is practiced,” explains Medina.
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How to vote

votes are taken Online until September 15, 2021. The name chosen will be announced in the fall of 2021.

Participation is open to all by visiting Métropole de Grenoble website.

Construction work in the center I started. It will be constructed on the site of the Grands Moulins de Villancourt, a former flour mill that supplied flour to most bakeries in the Grenoble area, Especially the famous Brun cookies between the end of the nineteenth century and the seventies.

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