Green Pass, 'Verification C19' app arrives for checks at the entrance to the building: managers' doubts and duplicate immunity risk

Green Pass, ‘Verification C19′ app arrives for checks at the entrance to the building: managers’ doubts and duplicate immunity risk

From August 6 Onwards, much discussed green lane It will become the official “passage” for restaurants, cinemas, museums, stadiums, gyms and swimming pools. Yes, but who is going to verify that everything works? The spontaneous question arose in the hours followingadvertisement Prime Minister my biker, in an application that the government decided to use to avoid counterfeiting and fraud. Already announced since then Dpcm on June 17, the existence ofCheck out C19This was confirmed today by Palazzo Chigi with a dedicated post on Twitter. “Green Certificate: Here’s how to easily identify the original certificate.” The government launch also came after the latest news regarding fake green passes and under-the-counter certificates on social media channels. The obligation is to encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated, on the other hand, it will be necessary to worry about an effective control system.Here’s how it would work Check out C19.

How it works? Through the QR code

completely free, Check out C19 It must be installed on a mobile device and will work even without an Internet. The console arranged at the entrance to restaurants, stadiums and gyms will be required to request the green certificate from the interested party, who will have to show it. QR Code In digital or paper form. At this point, it will be enough to frame the code in the appropriate space provided by the application to get an immediate health card check: if true, a green check will appear, if it is identified as fake, the red block will be activated. Along with confirming the validity of the card or not, the application will provide the name and surname of the person concerned as well as their date of birth. Therefore, to validate the verification, and make sure that you are really in front of the person who has been vaccinated, recovered from Covid19 or who has had a smear with negative results, it will also be necessary to verify the identity document.

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In what cases can an application refuse the green lane?

the red ban It may appear on the application screen Check out C19 In the case of a smear if more than 48 ore of carrying out the test. For a vaccination in which the course of vaccination has been completed, the certificate is instead valid 270 days (9 months) from the date of the last administration. For those who are currently off on the first dose, a special card will be issued to be given up to the second dose: thus valid for 42 days In case Pfizer NS ModernAnd 84 days for every AstraZeneca.

privacy knot

the new The COVID Decree came into effect on July 23 It states that “owners or managers of services and activities” that require certification are “required to verify that access to the above services is in accordance with the requirements.” This is what, in theory, allows business owners and merchants to check health certificates provided by customers. But there is still one step missing. The Dpcm controller is waiting, which regulates the procedures for handling certificates, ensuring that users’ privacy is respected. Identity documents and health information relating to the person concerned must be controlled in the protection of personal data. This is why السبب guarantee It will be required to define “Technical specifications for processing certificates digitally, in order to allow digital verification and at the same time ensure the protection of the personal data contained therein”. The Ministry of Health will have to adopt the expected Dpcm in cooperation with technological innovation, digital transformation, economy and finance.

Initial defects and duplicate immune riskخطر

“Always in the dark. Tried reading several green passes, and it says invalid, when I know for sure it is. Who should use them, and what do they do? », is one of the first dozens of reviews that can be read on the Google Play Store. “Are you sure there are no problems with the archive?” My certificate and that of my wife are valid intermittently. Since you want to use it for coffee, it shouldn’t work fine, more”, and again: “I installed the phone, uninstalled it, turned off the phone and rebooted, absolutely nothing. First experiences with Check out C19 Obviously, not all of them are positive and the risk of a duplicate immune system cannot be thought of. The application, in fact, was developed by the Ministry of Health through the company suji, just as in June 2020 Immuni launched for positive tracking. From there the service was A complicated and rather short life.

As for the C19 verification, it is still too early to talk about success or failure, but the first signs undoubtedly create the first fears. The hope is that there will be a more fortunate development of Immuni’s also in light of the positive reviews that appear along with the many negative experiences. The user writes “it worked for me”, “well used even with little light” or again “in the face of no fax That gnaws scanning works well ».

Exhibitors’ doubts

To expose the first doubts about the management of entrances and compliance with the Green Corridor are precisely the inspectors. Film directors, bartenders, restaurants, owners of swimming pools or betting centers, in these hours wrestle with innovations decided by the government, which hides many doubts about the new role of “controllers”. to clarify VIP Concomercio, Italian Federation of Public Works, which in one note It lists the concerns on the topic: “Managers of bars and restaurants are not public servants and therefore cannot take on the responsibilities of others,” the union writes, “it is inconceivable that with the frenetic activity that characterizes these places, owners and employees can require people to show their own green pass them and even less so to check their identity documents.” The problem will be above all logistical which is why the managers are appealing to the government “to simplify the method of control, and to provide self-certification that absolves the building owners of any responsibility”. And they add: “He who declares a lie will do so at his own risk, while the controls must remain in the hands of the police forces.”

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