Green Pass: Summer rules for traveling abroad

Green Pass: Summer rules for traveling abroad

Turin. Leaving or returning to Italy will require more attention this year. Before arriving at stations or airports, even before booking a flight, it is essential to check the anti-Covid-19 commitments required to be able to cross the border, even if only during transit.

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Currently, the world is divided into five zones, each with different rules that must be respected in order to travel safely. Step one: Green Pass, the “green certificate” (paper or digital) needed for many to come out for free. From 1 July, it will be valid as an “EU Digital Covid Certificate” for travel to and from all countries of the European Union and the Schengen area. he is coming , to download here or through the applicationimmunity». OhIThe company that runs the app has published a file educational video. Meanwhile Italy (Where today the Aosta Valley is still only in the yellow zone and all the others are ‘white’) has activated the national platform since June 17 for certification, which certifies vaccination, recovery from Covid-19, or a negative result of a molecular test or antigen test. Since the start of the nationwide service, on the ‘Io’ app, citizens can view and store their traffic data on their smartphones or tablets in two simple steps: they will receive a notification on their devices without making requests or entering codes or other data. It is enough to log in at least once with Spid or Cie. The application displays the QR code and certificate data, which can be viewed directly afterwards. Moreover, by clicking on the “Details” button on the same screen, you can read the contents of the certificate and related health data.

It should be said right away that BangladeshAnd the BrazilAnd the India e Sri Lanka The Minister of Health has ordered – as of today – a ban on entering Italy for those who have stayed there or even just passed in the 14 days before the day they wish to return to our country.

Below are all other limitations in detail. Stay close to home There are no restrictions for those crossing the Italian border from Italy San Marino Based on Vatican City. However, for those entering San Marino or Vatican City from abroad, it is of course necessary to first check the entry obligations into Italy.

Yes to tourists, but beware of the obligations to be respected
Always consider provisions, up to date, travel to and from is permitted, without the need to provide a motive AustriaAnd the BelgiumAnd the BulgariaAnd the CiproAnd the CroatiaAnd the Denmark (included Fire Or Island e green land), EstoniaAnd the FinlandAnd the France (included GuadeloupeAnd the MartiniqueAnd the GuyanaAnd the InterviewAnd the Mayotte excluding other territories outside the European continent), GermanyAnd the GreeceAnd the IrelandAnd the LatviaAnd the LithuaniaAnd the LuxembourgAnd the MaltaAnd the Holland (except for areas outside the European continent), PolandAnd the Portugal (included Azores e Madeira), Czech RepublicAnd the RomaniaAnd the SlovakiaAnd the SloveniaAnd the Spain (including lands on the African continent), SwedenAnd the HungaryAnd the IcelandAnd the NorwayAnd the LiechtensteinAnd the SwitzerlandAnd the AndorraAnd the Principality of Monaco e Israel. to any concern United kingdom and thenorthern Ireland (included Tarek mountainAnd the Isle of ManAnd the Channel Islands, and the British bases in Cyprus جزيرة) from 14 May Separate case: Those who stayed or even just passed through here within fourteen days prior to their arrival in Italy must present a document proving that they underwent a molecular or antigen test in the 48 hours prior to arrival in Italy (with strictly negative results) . Regardless of the test result, he must still undergo health monitoring and credit isolation at home for 5 days, and inform his ASL Prevention Department: at the end of this period, he must finally undergo a new molecular or antigen test. Children under the age of 6 are not required to be tested, but will still need to remain in isolation.

Certificate in your pocket and isolation for 10 days upon your arrival in Italy
Until at least July 30 (and if the situation remains unchanged) if you remain in Italy or have just passed within the 14 days prior to return (or entry for foreigners) AustraliaAnd the new ZelandAnd the The Republic of KoreaAnd the RwandaAnd the SingaporeAnd the Thailand It is necessary to fill in Online localization form (Digital Passenger Locator Form – dPLF), have a certificate proving the negative result of a molecular or antigen test performed in the past 72 hours, inform the local ASL of their entry into Italy, and stay in isolation and observation for 10 days. From the airport, you can only get home by private car. After ten days of quarantine, it is necessary to take another smear.

who comes from CanadaAnd the Japan a United States of America And with a valid green pass, he can enter Italy without the obligation of testing and isolation: however, he must fill out Digital Passenger Locator Model And inform the local health authority responsible for the area of ​​its existence.

It is forbidden to travel for tourism
In all countries that are part of rest of the world, other than those mentioned above, entry and exit are only permitted for work, health reasons, study, absolute urgency or to return home. Therefore, entry and exit for tourism are prohibited.

short trips
Until July 30, a person who returns to Italy from foreign places at a distance of no more than 60 kilometers from his place of residence, domicile or home, and has not stopped for more than 24 hours, is not obliged to take any tests. If you’re traveling with your own car and haven’t been abroad (always within 60 kilometers from home) for more than 48 hours, you don’t even need to fill out a “Digital Passenger Locator Form” or self-certification.

Be careful not to board the plane
It should not be forgotten that on so-called Covid-tested flights, boarding is allowed only through a rapid antigen test performed before boarding, or by showing the negative result of the molecular or antigenic test performed no later than 48 hours before boarding. . Upon arriving in Italy, he was again tested at the airport.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs portal “Viaggiareidia” reminds you that “in the event that the flight tested by Covid, due to a positive result of Covid-19, is not boarded, the ticket has been paid or the ticket is issued a voucher from the airline is provided for the same amount at the request of the passenger , within fourteen days from the date of withdrawal and valid for eighteen months from issuance.” The trial of flights tested by Covid has for now been extended until October 30, 2021.

Always say where are you
Covid or not Covid, especially when it comes to more “adventurous” trips, it’s always good to tell the State Department where we are going and for how long. Just contact Ministry link And in a few steps we can communicate our destination. There is a need, and there will be a need – even after Covid – to track us down in the event of an emergency.

Also on the ministry’s website “Viaggiare Sicuri”, follow the latest news: Updates page It is possible to find any changes in the rules identified so far, from country to country, for those leaving, arriving or crossing from one border to another, to and from Italy, as long as the risk of Covid continues to dictate caution.

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