Gravity, serenity and passion “in harmony” at Espace d’art contemporain de Gruissan

Gravity, serenity and passion “in harmony” at Espace d’art contemporain de Gruissan

Until May 12, the Gallery of Contemporary Arts – Poulet de Groissant is hosting “In Harmony”, an exhibition that brings together three closely related artists: Bernadette Marti, Chamicha and Rikai Vendetti.

The local personality of Bernadette Marty, Chamicha and Rikai Vendetti was probably not without reason in the crowd noted during the opening, last Friday, March 31st. That evening, from the deputy governor to the city aldermen, everyone hastened to greet them and discover in their works that emanated from a true sense of Zen. Marie Lou Lagos, the deputy mayor in charge of culture, confirmed the apparent desire for transportation and the real aspect “In harmony, with the near environment, the stone, the earth, with ourselves, providing inner balance, Zen.” She announced workshops for children and calligraphy. Chamicha b spoke. Marty spoke briefly about their art and thanked Mayor Didier Codorneau for making the art space available. After a brief reminder of the place’s history, inseparable from Robert Garcia, better known as Paulette, the city councilman was glad to. “This very inspiring first exhibition helps create a peaceful environment, to awaken emotions”Away from the worries and sadness caused by the current world. Deputy Governor Remy Recio insisted on the concession To be reunited and happy here, to extricate yourself from a heavy and tense daily life; to live in a country where access to culture, art, and beauty is a mission of public service; to take the time to feel, to dive into yourself and learn how to come out of it grown, more enlightened, and freer; to be Being able to agree that in the midst of the world of speed, performance results.” Quoted by Voltaire, Piet Mondrian and René Char, thanks finally my artists “To make us unique, to create this harmony, this possible space together.” Away from the crowds, visiting or rediscovering this gallery effectively provides access to serenity through four different styles: B style finally Chamicha which brings us closer to moving celestial bodies.

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