Graulhet.  France Services: Opening an all-in-one space

Graulhet. France Services: Opening an all-in-one space

France Services opened on Thursday. This space aspires to allow each citizen to benefit from quality support in their daily routines, in a unique location close to where they live.

Located on the Place du Languedoc, close to two priority areas, Crins and the heart of the city, in the former buildings of the Administrative City and the Treasury, France Services is ideally located. This is not its only origin: next to the post office on one side, the local Mission Tarn Sud above, the Maison des familles and the third M on the other, it benefits from optimum visibility and access for the residents. “This synergy of services to the public, administrative, social or cultural demonstrates the will of the municipal team to keep public service as close as possible to residents because it is an essential social vector in our rural communities,” Mayor Blaise Aznar affirms during his opening remarks.

Both Stephanie and Fouad, the two reception agents present during this opening have been trained and are available to listen, reassure and assist users in their efforts. “We have been working since the 1st of June and we are receiving more and more people. The main thing is to communicate the requests and respond to them in a concrete way. We do not have an answer to everything right away. In this case, we ask the applicant to wait a few moments and thanks to the digital tool we are able to provide the response Appropriate,” confirms Fouad.

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A very real need

Governor François-Xavier Lauch, who attended this opening, visited the completely new building. “It’s the 20th French service in the Tarn region. This real Swiss Army Knife place allows users to carry out major day-to-day administrative procedures in one place.” And the need is very real: “The frequent closing of some tables in recent years has suggested a feeling of abandonment of the inhabitants. And they will know today that in this place, in this house of services, a true network of closeness, you will have an attentive ear and active help, putting the bond and the human being at the heart of all nothing,” the mayor sets. “Because phone platforms, pre-formatted digital answers, endless emails, virtual advisors or an artificial intelligence that constantly invades everything will not replace the need for reality, humanity, attention, and communication,” he continues.

Family Allowance Fund, Pension Insurance, Ministries of Interior and Justice, and Public Finance: Residents will receive help and advice on their administrative procedures and use of computer tools for their online procedures. Blaise Aznar sums up this new space, open to all, as: “The goal is to simplify things.”

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