Grandma’s tips for perfect maintenance!

Grandma’s tips for perfect maintenance!

Have you recently purchased plants and don’t really know how to take care of them? Here are some “grandma’s” products as well as some practical measures for maintaining them brilliantly.

5 life-saving products for your houseplants

Here are some products you can use to boost your plants while caring for them:

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  • Aquarium water: If you have fish at home, don’t dump the water in their aquarium! Use this source of beneficial nutrients to boost the growth of your houseplants. Collect the water and let it sit for a while until the chlorine subsides, and once that’s done, water your plants!
  • Banana peel: It is a fertilizer very rich in potassium, magnesium and nitrogen. In short, this is what your plants need. In order to use this treasure, simply bury the banana peel near the roots and it will gradually decompose to strengthen the plant. Extra point Banana peel repels aphids!
  • Tea bags: Let your bags cool and open them. Mix its contents with the soil of your plants. The tannins in the bags will not only help your plants grow, but will also provide protection against fungal diseases.
  • Black soap: Take a small amount and Mix it up with waterThen spray on your plants to eliminate pests such as aphids or mealybugs.
  • Cafe flooring: It works as a fertilizer for your houseplants. Add it to the soil to improve its structure and provide the necessary nutrients to the plants.
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Products aren’t everything!

Caring for your houseplants is also a matter of good gestures. Here are some tips for caring for your plants:

  • Don’t forget to clean the leaves : To get rid of dust, dirt and animal particles that may find refuge there. Use a very soft toothbrush for those who don’t like moisture, and for other plants, a soft cloth will do the trick.
  • Move your houseplants Simple movement is good for your plants, as it helps them recreate the environmental changes they are exposed to throughout the year in their natural environment.
  • Guide your climbing plants : Using a little string and some hooks, help your plants grow upward instead of outward. This is not only easy, but also creates a beautiful landscape for your home. Make sure the ties are loose enough so as not to damage the plant.
  • Take time for your plants : This can make a big difference in the long run. Get to know your plants and observe their responses to changes in light, water, and environment to adapt. Check the leaves, soil, and condition of the container and take notes. It is practical as a means of meditation.

So you end up with plants that are not only healthy, but with increased durability. What are you waiting for to try these tips?

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