Grand Slam Ika Kitefoil World Series, Cagliari

Grand Slam of the Ika Kitefoil World Series: In Cagliari We Fly

Poitou Beach, in Cagliari, is already a color boom for the battle-ready Ketter Wings in the Bay of Angels for the third stage of the IKA Kittefoil World Grand Slam: an important date given the entry of the class into the Olympic disciplines from Paris 2024. 43 athletes gathered from 19 countries, including New Zealand, on the beach where they lingered a little, just enough time to arm the kite. Here the wind does not betray us and does not make us wait. Four days of competition, Thursday through Sunday 10, at a pace of six races a day through Saturday and the finals on the last day.

Cagliari is the third stage of five stages: the first in Geziria (Catanzaro), the second in Traunsee (Austria), the third in the Sardinian capital – where the score is higher thanks to the rating assigned to the event – then Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria, which will close the series by starting to select the header fleet. The courses are traditional downwind with double floats in the lanes, and the possibility to choose the best. All races are calibrated at 12/13 minute time for 0.8 – 1 mile and the finish is always positioned towards the ground to make all races amazing every time.

Among the strongest athletes are Axel Mazzella (Fra), who leads the IKA Kitefoiling series world rankings with 597 points, followed by Denis Tarradine (Ross) at 591, and Theo de Ramicourt (Fra) at 588. The first Italian with 426, Valerio Venturi in 12th place, Followed by Sofia Tommasoni in 15th place with 363 points, then Tiana Laporte in 16th place with 321 points.

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Grand Slam Eka Kittifuil World Championships, Cagliari

For Mirko Babini, President of IKA: “It is the tenth year that international regattas have been held in Poetto. Cagliari has a historic mission in the world of kites. Soon an international dimension was thought, but the future is represented by the Academy of Discipline. ”

Giovanni Chiesa, Tourism Adviser for the Autonomous Region of Sardinia): “Sardinia is the island of sport. Through events like the Sardinia Grand Slam, we try to overcome the effects of the pandemic and go beyond it: the offer that this beautiful island can offer is a treasure that we want to rediscover: this The year alone we have 20 global events scheduled.”

Alessandro Sorga, Tourism and Promotion Adviser for the Municipality of Cagliari: “The Sardinian Grand Slam ensures that these athletes become certificates for our region and our city, and that they can come back here for the holidays, with friends and acquaintances.”

Alessandro Guarcino, Environmental and Marine Policy Adviser: “I think sailing sports can be a promotional tool of fundamental importance for sea protection. It would be nice to create a space in Poetto to do this activity all year round.”

Bruno Pera, President of CONI Sardinia: “Sport brings people from all over the world to Sardinia who can enjoy the wonderful scenery like this. Italian sport is living one of the best moments in its history and we are convinced that the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will go even better. We can become even bigger And bigger.”

Gian Domenico Nido, President of the Organizing Committee: “As regulators, we are keen on protecting and protecting the sea. With Milena Spada, we have been able to put forward a series of initiatives aimed at developing a greater collective awareness of the importance of this issue.”

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