Goranson: The digital shared space does not want to stop growing

Goranson: The digital shared space does not want to stop growing

The difficult past year has hinted at the end of major health restrictions, but it is still punctuated by restrictive barrier measures that have curtailed social life. However, all activities gradually resumed in the last quarter of 2021, hoping for new days when everything will return to normal. “We hope to be more efficient, the president declared, with better efficiency because the event allows us to move the lines and find new momentum, often, stronger than in the past.”

Great productivity

Computer courses gradually resumed and the goal of digital inclusion continued with real success. The Photography Club has been busy with its WhatsApp ring, video conferencing and social networks, while participating in regional and national distance competitions organized by the National Photo Federation. His ranking remained in the top five of the regional rankings.

The Jurançon Vidéo Club broke all records with filming between sanitary measures and the epidemic and ensured its usual success with its “Court Circuit” show.

Stronger foundation

President Yves Toron is pleased to note that “we did not fall into idleness, not even into despair, and made use of all modern means at our disposal”. The session continued with the inauguration of an extraordinary general assembly in order to ratify some amendments to the statute, in particular to ensure the sustainability of the association. This involves strengthening the administrative structure. In fact, the establishment of the position of Vice President and the position of Assistant Secretary was unanimously voted on.

New office constitution

The Council unanimously approved the following officers for a period of 3 years:
President: Yves Turon, Vice President: André Salvan, Treasurer: André Laulhé,
Secretary: Alan Lavino, Assistant Secretary: Florence Labatt.

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