Google Wallet is launching a feature that will delight travelers

Google Wallet is launching a feature that will delight travelers

Google Wallet users will be happy to know that they can now upload their hotel room key directly to the app.

Good news for travelers who sleep inthe hotel, Google Wallet Your key can now be replaced. Bedrooms. Enough to significantly reduce the risk of tripping in front of a door.

Google Wallet makes it easy to get to your hotel room

Since Google Wallet replaced Google Pay in 2022, the app has continued to evolve, becoming a veritable Swiss Army knife that lets you store different addresses. Whether you want to pay, use a loyalty card, a transport ticket, or book a plane ticket, the app has become a must-have for those who want to centralize everything on their smartphone. And today, Google Wallet is adding hotel keys to the mix. Here’s how Google’s support page introduces the new feature:

“In Google Wallet, you can securely use your hotel keys to access keycard-protected hotels, rooms, and public areas, like gyms, pools, and elevators, for the duration of your stay.”

Adding a hotel key works similarly to other cards. All you have to do is click on the “Add to Google Wallet” button on the website, app or email of the hotel in question. Important clarification: The rollout will be gradual and not all hotel chains offer this option (yet). The first hotel to support this project was the Clarion Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company plans to deploy this feature in more than 90 hotels.

Google specifies that “You must check in and assign a room to activate your hotel key. To check in, use the app, kiosk, or hotel front desk. ». Although it may be necessary to unlock your smartphone to open your hotel room door using Google Wallet, some establishments allow you to do so without it.

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Apple Wallet has offered a similar function for the iPhone and Watch since the end of 2021. The risk of losing your smartphone is already less significant, and those who have already misplaced their room card will appreciate this “small” add-on to Google Wallet.

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