Google Messages is finally moving to lure you more than iMessage and iPhone

Google Messages is finally moving to lure you more than iMessage and iPhone

Google Messages is undergoing a renewal process and is packed with new features. Google’s instant messaging app is getting more and more modern.

Google has announced a few highly anticipated new features of its instant messaging app, google messages. For the occasion, the Mountain View company has updated its app icon, visible below.

On the left is the old icon, on the right is the new one. Source: 9to5Google

On our Pixel 7, the change isn’t visible yet. On the other hand, in the Play Store, the transition has already begun.

This change is part of a visual overhaul of Google’s core communications apps. The Contacts and Phone apps will also be changed in the coming weeks.

Google Messages is “iMessagise”

In addition to this aesthetic change, Google Messages is about to add a bunch of much-anticipated features. In fact, iMessage users on iPhone already know some of them, and Google is inspired by them. It will soon be possible to add emoji reactions to SMS and MMS, add a favorite, reply to a target message without interrupting the conversation flow or even set a reminder so you don’t forget to reply to an important message.

Also, if you enjoy sharing YouTube video links with friends, you should preview them. Even better, you will be able to watch the video directly in Google Messages while chatting. On the other hand, a small apartment, you will have to go through bars even if you have YouTube Premium. Next year, it may be possible to add a premium account to Google Messages to avoid this inconvenience.

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