Google is stocking new features at I/O 2023

Google is stocking new features at I/O 2023

In a mix of technology and cars, Google I/O 2023 sparked this new era of connected driving. From the ability to hold virtual meetings in your car to bringing gaming and YouTube to Android Automotive, here’s how Google is reinventing the driving experience.

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Every year, Google presents us with a set of novelties at its annual conference, Google I / O. The 2023 edition was no exception to the rule, with a torrent of new features and products that technologists dream of. For those who missed out on the event, not to worry, we have got everything covered for you. Fasten your seat belts (of course) and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of Google’s automotive technology.

Android Auto, Digital Car Key and Android Automotive, the winning trio

First, let’s take a look at Google’s top three automotive products. Android Auto, which turns your car’s screen into a mirror of your smartphone, is a mainstay in Google’s lineup. It’s simple, effective, and let’s be honest, it’s like having your own personal assistant at your fingertips while you drive.

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Then there is the digital car key. As the name suggests, it turns your Android smartphone into a car key. If you’re like me and always lose your keys, this feature is a godsend. It is published in Mercedes, among others.

Google Partner for Android Automotive // ​​Source: Google

Finally, we have Android Automotive, a full-featured operating system that sits right in your car to keep you entertained while you drive. It’s already available from several Google partners, including Renault and Volvo. No need for your smartphone, the system is standalone, of course with the Play Store.

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Now let’s move on to what’s new at Google I/O. If you don’t have time to watch the video below, here’s a rundown of the announcements.

Virtual meetings in your car, why not?

One of the big news from the conference is the upcoming integration of Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom in the car. Yes, you heard correctly. You can now participate in your virtual meetings while driving. Of course, we don’t recommend filing your quarterly report while negotiating a hairpin (it’s not possible anyway), but it’s nice to know the option is there.

Mercedes’ new E-class, for example, has a new optional selfie camera for that. If your car doesn’t have a built-in camera, don’t worry, your smartphone’s selfie camera will suffice. And for those wondering, yes, Tesla also rolled out Zoom in France.

YouTube and Games are coming to Android Automotive

One of the most exciting announcements for commuters (and stationary drivers) is the planned integration of YouTube into the Android Automotive operating system.

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Games are also planned, with the well-known Android Auto GameSnacks also coming to Android Automotive OS in the future. These games, which include Beach Buggy Racing 2, Solitaire FRVR and My Talking Tom Friends, can only be played while stationary and are only controlled via the touchscreen. For those of us who have always dreamed of turning our car into an arcade, this is a step in the right direction. And who knows? Maybe one day Google can compete with Tesla who can now power Steam with AAA games.

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Google Assistant and quick replies

Google Assistant from Android Auto already has the ability to use quick replies as suggestions for incoming messages. These messages can be sent with a touch of the screen. Google plans to bring this feature to Android Automotive OS in the coming months. This is great news for those of us who are always late replying to messages!

Waze and new app categories

Waze, Google’s second navigation app, will now make its debut on Android Automotive. It’s a welcome addition for those of us who rely on Waze to avoid traffic jams and speed cameras.

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but that is not all. Google has also planned new app categories for Android Auto and Android Automotive OS. IoT and weather apps are first on the list. IoT apps will be able to control your smart home, for example, while weather apps will give you the weather forecast for your trip. We look forward to introducing The Weather Channel apps later this year.

Multi-screen control and vehicle sensor

Google has also announced changes in the Android Automotive OS regarding screen handling. The operating system will be able to control multiple screens in the vehicle, with individual content for each passenger. Whether you are a front or rear passenger, you will be able to play your content whether it is navigation, video or games.

Developers will also be able to access the vehicle’s sensors, if enabled by the manufacturer, and include information such as range, fuel level, speed, etc. It’s a huge step forward for a truly personal and interactive driving experience.

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