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Google is revealing an artificial intelligence that is able to hold a full conversation with you

Google lifts the veil on LaMDA, an AI-powered language model capable of normal conversation, and it’s disingenuous.

On the occasion of the Google I / O Conference 2021, which just opened, Mountain View has revealed its advances in artificial intelligence using LambdaA new paradigm of language capable of having a full-fledged conversation.

The idea of ​​LaMDA is to be able to give a voice to anything and everything and speak to it in a completely natural way. Google in particular took the example of Pluto to illustrate its AI capabilities. With a series of questions, the dwarf planet responds with sophisticated and informative answers. Another deceptive example: Google made a kite talking about aerodynamics thanks to LaMDA. “It’s really impressive to see how LaMDA can lead a conversation on just about any topic” Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, explains.

Credits: Google

Even if the two examples provided seem extremely strange, the potential of this AI is endless. These demos demonstrate LaMDA’s ability to have a unique, coherent conversation without following pre-defined guidelines, with an infinite number of topics. There is no need to restart the assistant in the initial question, the AI ​​reacts to each new interaction by linking it to the previous answer and the general topic of the conversation.

So LaMDA will have its place to create an advanced chatbot or Google Assistant. Mountain View has not specified if its new language model is actually ready for the general public, but it does affirm that it would like to incorporate it into its voice assistant in the future.

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