Google is changing its diversity and search policies after Timnit Gebru has been fired

Google is changing its diversity and search policies after Timnit Gebru has been fired

Google is changing its search and diversity policies after completing an internal investigation into firing the ethical AI team captain Tymnet GibroAnd the to me Axios. The company intends to link the salaries of some executives to the goals of diversity and inclusiveness. It also makes changes to how sensitive employee exits are managed.

Although Google has not disclosed the results of the investigation, the changes appear to be direct responses to the How the situation deteriorated with Gibro. After Google demanded that the paper it co-authored be withdrawn, GPRO told the research team management that it would resign its position and work on a transition plan, unless certain conditions are met. Instead of a relocation plan, the company immediately ended its operations while on leave. This sparked a backlash from her team members, and even Some Google engineers have caused a protest.

Google claimed that the Gibro paper was not properly rendered, Although the research team disagreed. Google now said it will “streamline its process for publishing research,” according to AxiosHowever, the exact details of the policy changes were not provided.

In an internal email to employees, Jeff Dean, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Google wrote:

I have heard and acknowledge what Dr. Gabbro’s exit means for technologies, for those in the black community and other underrepresented groups pursuing careers in technology, and for many who are deeply interested in Google’s responsible use of AI. This has led some to question their place here, which I regret.

He also apologized for the way Gibro’s exit was handled, although he stopped calling it a shooting.

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Policy changes come on today After Google restructured the AI ​​teams, A change that the ethical AI team members were “the last to know about”, According to research scientist Alex HannaWho is part of the team.

Google refused to share the updated policies with the edge, Rather than referring to Axiosarticle For details.

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