Google is adding a blue badge system to Gmail and is doing it better than Elon Musk

Google is adding a blue badge system to Gmail and is doing it better than Elon Musk

Google has announced the arrival of a blue badge in Gmail to verify the identity of the sender. A new security system should fight spam.

Source: Google

Social networks have shown us the importance of verifying the identity of accounts so that rapists are not deceived. Everyone seems to have understood this except Elon Musk. This is also the kind of problem that plagues our relationship with emails.

There are countless phishing attempts by sending an email where the sender pretends to be an internet or electricity operator.

Google seems to have found a social network-inspired solution: blue badge access managed directly by Gmail.

How Gmail Blue Badge works

From the Gmail interface, senders registered in the system provided by Google are entitled to receive a blue badge confirming their identity to the user. In the blink of an eye, you will have the check right to read the rest of the email more calmly.

Gmail blue badge // Source: Google

This functionality is currently designed for Workspace users and requires registration with BIMI to ” Brand indicators to define the message or Brand indicators to define the message ” in French.

the Google support It explains the details of the procedure, which is still quite technical. In particular, it goes through the DMARC and TXT BIMI record at the domain name level, to verify it with Google.

Businesses can quickly adopt this new feature to enhance web security and fight spam.

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