Google creates a free workspace tier for businesses that don't need their email

Google creates a free workspace tier for businesses that don’t need their email

google browser announce A new free tier from their Workspace suite, Workspace Essentials Starter. Basically, it allows workers to use tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Chat, etc. With colleagues without forcing them to switch to Gmail if they’re already using something like Exchange or Zoho. While employees have long been able to replicate this use case with personal Google accounts, having an official product can help with security and make it easier to manage a team of people working together.

according to Google Blog PostUsers will be able to sign up for Essentials Starter with their existing email accounts and can then invite colleagues to work on projects with them. Google offers 15GB of Drive storage space per user, which isn’t a lot of space for sharing media files, but it should be able to hold a lot of text documents, slide shows, and spreadsheets. And while the plan doesn’t provide email, employees will still be able to talk to each other using Chat and Meet.

According to Google, Workspace Essentials Starter is designed to make it easier for employees to choose their own productivity tools and bring modern collaboration to the workplace. This sounds good for the staff, but maybe a little complicated for the IT. Like technology crisis pointed outIt looks like the plan could act as a kind of Trojan horse – since it doesn’t require (or even allow) the extensive administrative control that IT departments sometimes exercise over business tools, Workspace Essentials Starter could be a way to get employees used to and use Google tools.

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according to Google support page on planTeams are limited to 25 people, but an unlimited number of teams in an organization can register. There are also, of course, limitations on what you can access with the free version – you won’t get support from Google, and meetings and chats all have certain limitations compared to the Enterprise Essentials plan. Google says Essentials Starter “will roll out over several weeks and may not be available in some regions until mid-February 2022.”

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