Google Calendar adds a small feature that makes a big difference

Google Calendar adds a small feature that makes a big difference

Google has just rolled out a change to its Calendar app that should make life easier for its regular users.

If you use Google Calendar a lot, you'll be happy to know that the app is being updated to offer shortcuts for creating events more quickly.

Google is simplifying its Calendar app

When you click the “+” button in the mobile version of Google Calendar, the app asks you to select an event or task or indicate that you are absent. You can then enter additional information regarding time, date, etc.

Today, Google Calendar version 2024.07.0-608174112 adds three selectors that correspond to these three events directly below the title. So you can easily switch from one to another quickly. This is so repetitive now that we can imagine that Google will just leave the “+” button, without going through the second selection step.

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We actually made a wrong choice when creating an event and had to go back to select another event. Agenda app developers therefore provide a simpler and faster solution. The update is done on the server side, so you don't have to do it through the Play Store, but just close and reopen the app. A pop-up window will appear once to introduce you to this new feature.

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In less than a year, the app has received its share of improvements. We remember, for example, the possibility of hiding completed tasks or creating an event in your calendar without leaving your Gmail inbox. Small details that make a big difference when using Google tools on a daily basis.

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