Google bans the satirical magazine Titanic for blasphemy

Google bans the satirical magazine Titanic for blasphemy

MFrom the Play Store Google Not to be messed with. The satirical “Titanic” magazine had to find out now. Its app has been banned on Google for two weeks because three title pages are seen as offensive there. Google considers the cover of its December issue of last year “dirty talk” (blasphemy).

Michael Hanfield

Editor responsible for online and “media” features.

You can see the person who seems high Pope Francis With a cross in his bosom, an angry Jesus rules him with his bare hands, who calls out to the Pope, “Do you think of him again?” Photo preserved in the style of the French “Charlie Hebdo” satirical newspaper; The allusion to the cover photo with Recep Tayyip Erdoan similarly removed is unambiguous.

Google also didn’t have two “Titanic” titles from 2018 (“Deutschland im Groko-Glück”) and 2019 (“This is how your teachers suffer!”), Which feature couples playing loads of love games. Either titles have been deleted, Titanic editors are heard, or the app remains blocked. As editor-in-chief Moritz Hortgen said in an interview, a new “Eighteen-Free” application has also been rejected.

“Titanic is not going to watch itself to do justice to the monopoly tourists’ humor of San Fernando Valley, uh: Silicon Valley, ”Hortgen said (the wording isn’t appropriate for minors either, but we’re not on Google here). If Google does not activate “Titanic” in all its forms, the Play Store will be permanently left. Another objection to the ban was also in vain. We asked ourselves how the digital company operates with freedom of parody. The answer is, well, my interpretation: “We are currently reviewing the“ Titanic ”app. We provide app developers with the opportunity to object to the implementation of the instructions and, if necessary, to stop the app. Let’s wait“ if needed ”.

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