Google Assistant unveiled the new ‘Your Apps’ dashboard

Google Assistant unveiled the new ‘Your Apps’ dashboard

Development team Google Assistant It works on quite a few of the features for the digital assistant, starting with the interesting one New public interface design That we saw only a few hours ago. Today, however, We found out New Panel Integration – ”Your applications– within the general settings of the Google Assistant.

This is where your app dashboard comes in

Once you have entered the settings, in fact, the “Your Applications” panel appears between “Your Places” and “Languages”; The painting, as you can see from the photos below in the gallery, allows you toManage how the assistant works with installed applications. In fact, it has some apps installed on your smartphone, for example Google Chrome And in this case, some of the ones that I developed were developed Samsung – Screenshots indicate a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Located in the editorial office.

By clicking on each application in the list, we can see that there are two items: Allow the assistant to learn from the browser e Allow helper to choose this browser. The first offers Google Assistant capability forAccess the websites you visit with this browser and learn from those websites for a personalized experienceWhile the secondWhen you ask to search for something on the web, the assistant can choose that browser app even if you don’t say the name of the browser or the website. “

Interestingly, at the bottom of the UI there is a link to instantly create one abbreviation Application-specific; In this case, the only available shortcut allows you to open a new Google Chrome tab with your voice.

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It is not clear if the new panel is related to a new Google Assistant update release or whether it is server-side aligned, however we recommend that you check for any app updates via the Play Store badge below.

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