Gonzalo Quesada dévoile le remplaçant de Ngani Laumape !

Gonzalo Quesada reveals an alternative to Najani Laumab!

Arriving at the Stade de France in Paris last summer from hurricanes, New Zealand international Ngani Laumab, made up of three-quarters of the Paris captains, asked to leave the capital club prematurely, as of the summer of 2022.

The latter spoke of personal problems and homesickness to return to the Southern Hemisphere.

Meanwhile, the All-Black team signed a lucrative contract with a Japanese club for the upcoming seasons.

Over the past few weeks, the media has indicated that recruits from Stade-Français Paris are looking for a three-quarter position to replace Ngani Laumape. The path to Natal Sharks player, Jeremy Ward is also under consideration.

But Parisian manager Gonzalo Quesada wanted to clear things up during an interview with the racquerama.

For him, Najani’s replacement for Laumab is Julian Delbois and no one else. Extract:

“I read that Jeremy Ward will be Laumape’s replacement. For us, Laumape’s replacement is Julien Delbouis who is back after a long injury.

This is a way to bring complete confidence to a player returning from a prolonged injury.

On the other hand, Stade-Français is currently looking for a top-tier mainstay after various injuries. And there, the file looks more complicated. Extract:

“On the other hand, we’re very concerned about our first line. Cacovin recently had knee surgery. He’ll be out for several weeks. Paul Alo-Emile has been unavailable for a long time. So we’re still looking for an upper brace, which is rare in this time of year.”


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