Global warming: Threatening rising waters, tiny Metaverse resort nation of Tuvalu

Global warming: Threatening rising waters, tiny Metaverse resort nation of Tuvalu

To warn of the alarming situation of rising waters in the Polynesian archipelago, Tuvalu decided to take refuge in the Metaversi region.

Perhaps this is the final way out that will one day remain for humanity if our planet is no longer “livable”, to take refuge in the metaverse, this digital virtual world is supposed to look like our planet. This observation is already the daily reality of Simon Coffey, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tuvalu, a country in the Polynesian archipelago consisting of 9 coral islands, all inhabited.

This small nation is threatened with existence The water swallowed her By the end of this century, remember the TF1 website. Already last year, for COP 26, Simon Koh He had alerted the international community to the sad fate of his country in a speech delivered from a rostrum and feet in the water to illustrate the inevitable rise in sea levels and the grave threats of climate change.

This year, on the occasion of COP 27, the Minister appeared in a new video to get his message across. Standing behind his desk in a heavenly setting of palm trees and white sand, mine has a somber, grave tone.

The camera gradually zooms out and we discover that there is something wrong with this pristine beach and these turquoise waters, and for good reason, we are in the metaverse, this parallel three-dimensional universe in which we can live immersive experiences.

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The Tuvalu decided to be the first digital country And he chose the island of Tefalico, “The smallest of the archipelago that will be the first to disappear”to start its digital journey. “Our land, our ocean, and our culture are our people’s most valuable possessions, and to protect them from harm, no matter what happens in the physical world, we will move them to the cloud. Piece by piece, we will preserve our country.”Minister confirms. The digital edition of Tuvalu will include islands and landmarks in an effort to preserve its history and traditions.

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