GitLab will limit free GitLab SaaS accounts to 5 users per namespace effective June 22, 2022

GitLab is a company that provides the DevOps platform that helps develop, secure, and run software on a single platform. The platform enables collaboration between different teams (developers, operations, security and business teams) to achieve business results. The ultimate goal of DevOps is to enable teams to collaborate and work together to shorten the development lifecycle and move from delivering software on a slow, periodic basis to fast and continuous updates. GitLab’s strategy is based on rapid development, iteration, continuous development (CD), and iteration/continuous integration (CI).

The image below shows the stakeholders involved in a typical DevOps team and all the steps required to build software in the unified data model. GitLab provides a complete product suite and focuses everything your IT and business team needs to deliver projects. Its product covers all major areas of software development.

GitLab is often used to coordinate work between teams of software developers who develop code collaboratively.

In a blog post, Sid Sijbrandij, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman of GitLab’s Board of Directors announced upcoming changes to user restrictions on the GitLab SaaS Free Tier:

We continue to find ways to make DevOps a reality for teams and organizations of all sizes. For users to get started with DevOps, learn GitLab, and develop personal and small projects from idea to production with little or no investment, GitLab offers the free tier. For larger projects with multiple users or requiring support, GitLab offers premium and Ultimate tiers. For open source projects, startups, and educational use, GitLab offers a range of community software designed for each specific use case.

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We are also constantly exploring ways to become more efficient as a company. To make sure we can continue to offer the free tier for small teams, we’re limiting the number of users per namespace on the free tier to 5 users. These changes allow us to invest more in research and development to create products for the GitLab DevOps platform. These changes:

  • Affects less than 2 *% of free tier users in 0.3 *% of namespaces
  • Not applicable to paid and self-managed SaaS subscriptions, self-managed free tier users, and members of our community programs – including GitLab for open source software users, education, and startups

Organizations and users affected by this change should consider upgrading to a supported paid tier or upgrading to a self-managed deployment option that does not have this limitation. GitLab Premium and Ultimate include essential features for growing teams and large-scale projects, such as priority support, advanced CI/CD, advanced permission management, security, and compliance. These features allow businesses to ship faster without sacrificing quality.

source : Jet Lab

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