Gîte, nursing home, nature and relaxation area… Where are these projects located in Grandes-Ventes?

Gîte, nursing home, nature and relaxation area… Where are these projects located in Grandes-Ventes?

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Providing more services to the residents of the region Grand Ventes (Seine-Maritime)This is the municipality's goal through several projects.

The lodge pays off

The municipality will finalize a conversion project Home package at home. The latter will contain 14 beds. An asset for development Tourist offer In the municipality.

In addition to its proximity to the village hall, which will provide additional service during rentals, we hope that groups of hikers will be able to access it during the week.

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These are not the only tasks that the advisor would like to give this place. “Why not give seniors the opportunity to come and share lunch together given the proximity of the nursing home and its catering service.”

Work at the nursing home has been postponed

During the 30th anniversary of the construction of the nursing home in Bois Joli, the mayor of the city stressed, in particular, the need to carry out major works to maintain the quality level of the structure.

However, this project has been postponed to the next mandate pending the results of the building audit and functional tasks commissioned by the Department, partnering in this process withRegional health agency (ARS).

An expansion of the health center is coming

As for the expansion of the health center Anick Bocande In order to welcome the new health professionals, “we will finish the plans and financial study,” the first judge stressed. Objective: comprehension 4H General practitioner and private practice for physiotherapists.

“A health project will be created jointly with health professionals in the coming weeks, which is necessary to qualify for subsidies from the state, ARS, region and administration,” the mayor said.

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Nature and relaxation area in place

Finally, among the major projects that will change the daily life of the residents of Ventoa, is the nature and relaxation space project on Saint-Vast Street, “the State, within the framework of the Green Fund, the Region and the Administration, under the Territory Contract and Europe is expected to support us financially.”

The assistance covers 70% of the project cost, estimated today at one million euros. This space should be open before summer 2025.

A project that will respond to the needs of young people for many years. During the wishing ceremony, the young officials elected to the Children's Municipal Council also stressed their desire to have a larger and more diverse play park.

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