Girl Scouts: Meeting those who teach

Girl Scouts: Meeting those who teach

Éclaireuses was born as part of the Generation Equality label issued by UN Women following the IRD's commitment to implement actions in favor of gender equality. Along with other key measures such as the establishment of an international South-North network for women in science, the Department of Research and Development (IRD) is committed to organizing outreach activities for young people.

Raising awareness, deconstructing and defining

Éclaireuses invites high school students to meet women working in the research sector, whatever their specialty or profession. The meetings take the form of rapid research, quick meetings in small groups that allow for discussion in a limited time about a symbolic object chosen by the scholars.

These meetings represent an opportunity for these young people to discover that research is a multiple and diverse human adventure, and that it can be a calling for everyone. Éclaireuses therefore works to promote information and awareness among young people and faculty about the representation of women in science.

The regime also seeks to open the horizons of these young people so that they do not restrict their career options. Among the goals:

  1. Raising awareness among young people about gender equality
  2. Dismantling gender stereotypes
  3. Suggest role models that young people can identify with
  4. Promoting research careers

Search speed in five countries

Éclaireuses will be held in March in five countries where IRD is present:

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