DOFUS Temporis 7 : Obtention des Altérés, où les trouver et zones

Getting corrupt, where to find them and their areas

It’s a monster, it’s a companion, it’s a summoning, it’s Bucky… No! It’s a modified version, unique to Temporis 7, that you land on Duvos ! There are more than 151 and it is clear that you should capture them all. Walk around to get it and areas to look for.

June 30 update: Tequilarva has been added and modified to the progress tree

DOFUS Temporis 7 – Get Altered, Where to Find and Areas

With Osatopia, the god Osamodas released 151 creatures, the Altered, to capture, develop and above all to fight. They only have 3 spells (passive for some) but they completely replace your characters. You can find different items, types, and even special legends. Of course, there are many references to the Nintendo franchise, and it’s almost always made in Ankama.

As a reminder, the modified elements appear in nature in the form of the “Blob of Osamodas”. The latter, once in combat, randomly (and with equal chance depending on rarity) transforms into a change of territory. You can then capture them, with greater or less success, to add them to your team. If you already have it, no problem! It will be possible to use it to upgrade your Bestiology career or recycle it into the ephemeral dimension. For the most nostalgic, there is unfortunately no development by exchange between players. However, there are other surprises…

Finally, the following table is dynamic. Feel free to search for something modified to see the areas with this drop or vice versa, look for creatures that will be recovered in a specific area.

And what about my devices?

Your stuff transfers 100% of your properties to those who change you. So it is essential that you are well equipped. Fortunately, all the equipment in the game can be obtained by dropping. And since we are kind, all the prices and the monsters involved can be found through this article.

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