Get started with Surface Duo 2: Microsoft skillfully revises its version

Get started with Surface Duo 2: Microsoft skillfully revises its version


Along with a full set of computers SurfaceMicrosoft yesterday showcased the second version of its Surface Duo 2. Discover the Android smartphone with two screens.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo, which was formalized at the end of 2020 and launched in France at the beginning of 2021, has not left us with lasting memories (read our Microsoft Surface Duo Test). The smartphone, with two Oled displays and an imposing central hinge, is built for productivity, but is punished by its cumbersome processing, part of the software not really coherent, but also by the lack of 5G and a disappointing picture component. However, the American company believes in its Android smartphone that Windows Phone is dead and buried, and is back with a second version of the device.

Coming out shortly before its release, scheduled for October 21, the device looks very similar to its predecessor. We have detailed Technical sheet in this articleNote that there are two screens of 5.3 inches each (2688 x 1892 pixels in total for an advertised area of ​​8.3 inches), Slices Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 (5G compatible), 8GB of RAM, and a 4,449mAh battery—much more than the 3,577mAh in the first Surface Duo.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Maintaining the work environment

When closed, the Surface Duo 2 looks a lot like the first Surface Duo, except that its USB-C port has moved slightly. Its dimensions are also the same (145.2 x 92.1 x 11 mm versus 145.2 x 93.3 x 9.9 mm), which is very impressive when the device is folded: it is difficult to use with one hand, given its width. As such, it must be remembered that its hinge allows the smartphone to be opened up to 360 degrees.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The Surface Duo 2 photo unit is particularly noticeable.

On closer inspection, there are other differences that can be found on the side of its hinge. It has already been revised, and the tiles are now curved in the central part of this smartphone tablet. It’s still hard to say the cut between the two tablets is invisible and the whole makes up a true 8.3-inch screen, but the demarcation is more discreet than the Surface Duo.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Curved screens to reduce the effect of “cutting”

A small discovery to remember: When the Duo 2 is folded, the slightly curved panel appears on the outside. So Microsoft chose to display some information (time, notification, and charge level when plugged in) on the edge of the device. For the rest, except of course the launch under Android 11, it seems that the ergonomics of the smartphone has been preserved. If the dual screen remains interesting to view, say, a mailbox, the trim will still be visible if you try to view a video in full screen. Finally, let’s add that the Surface Duo 2 is compatible with a stylus that we weren’t able to try, and that the triple rear image module replaces the Surface Duo’s single sensor, indicating more versatility in the matter.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Those interested will be able to try out the Surface Duo 2 starting October 21. They will have to pay 1,599 euros for the 128 GB version. Microsoft will charge its 256 GB model for 1,699 euros, and will also offer a 512 GB version, which is slightly more expensive.

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