Get ready for a big change at Microsoft

Get ready for a big change at Microsoft

Do you have a Hotmail, Outlook, or Live email account? Microsoft will change the way you sign in.

If you're used to logging in to your Hotmail, Outlook, or Live email account using just your username and password, you'll have to change your habits. In fact, Microsoft recently announced significant changes to the way you sign in to your free email accounts.

Why this change?

Microsoft He decided To end basic authentication, which only requires a username and password, to increase the security of your email accounts. Starting September 16, 2024, all personal email accounts will need to use modern authentication methods, that is, adding an additional security factor, such as a mobile phone number, another email address, or a security token.

How will this happen in practice?

Logins that require only a username and password will disappear from Hotmail, Outlook, and Live on September 16, 2024. If you don't save additional security data in your account, you'll receive alerts and connection failures.

Microsoft suggests you download the official Outlook app or use an email client like Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, the web version of Outlook, or the Outlook desktop app that comes with Microsoft 365. You'll also be able to configure Exchange sync, though this step requires creating a Desktop definition for Outlook.

Transitional period of adaptation

The Outlook team has scheduled a transition period that begins today with the announcement. All users with Hotmail, Outlook, or Live accounts will receive an email notifying them of the change. If they don't add an extra security step, like two-step verification, they'll encounter errors to the point where they won't be able to log in next September.

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Finally, be aware that Microsoft will also shut down the lite version of Outlook on August 19, 2024. This web app, intended for older or novice mobile users, does not meet security requirements, so you will only be able to access it to via a modern browser.

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