Geronimo did not work: the alpaca infected with tuberculosis was shot down

Geronimo did not work: the alpaca infected with tuberculosis was shot down

In the end Jeronimo was brought down. protests Helen MacDonald, an alpaca breeder tested positive for bovine tuberculosis and was sentenced to euthanasia by UK veterinary authorities, it was not heard.

The 130,000 signatures collected in defense of Jeronimo were not helpful. Nor did the demonstrations arrive in front of the Prime Minister’s office Boris Johnson. Not to mention the filling Stanley Johnson, a historical activist, environmental and animal rights activist and father of the Prime Minister. The judiciary gave the green light to cull the alpaca after a second test commissioned by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), confirmed the infection that specialists deemed at risk of spreading.

Bovine tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease caused by a slow-growing bacterium, the Mycobacterium bovis, which can infect all mammals, including humans, by inhalation or ingestion, or through transmission by nose-to-nose contact and contact with saliva, urine, feces, and milk. MacDonald, who has a veterinary certificate and imported the sample from New Zealand, claimed that the first test gave a false positive result. He also objected to the result of the second. But after four years of legal battle, experts from the ministry, the British Animal Institute and the judiciary found her wrong.

Public Health

Save the Geronimo Alpaca: The English Breeder’s Battle Against Slaughter

by christina nadotti

Geronimo was taken on Tuesday from Shepherds Close Farm, near Wickwar, south Gloucestershire, by a team of four Defra vets and at least 10 police officers, who blocked roads around the farm and prevented the media from approaching the property. It can be seen from GBN video images.

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MacDonald told reporters that Jeronimo was taken away by force. “In the past two weeks we sought to have a dialogue with the government by proposing a different path that would allow us to treat bovine tuberculosis and save Jeronimo’s life. Not only did they refuse constructive dialogue, but they had no intention of confronting us,” accuses the breeder. “They just wanted to kill Jeronimo.”

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