Germany, under pressure, undertakes to make a quick decision on deliveries of Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Germany, under pressure, undertakes to make a quick decision on deliveries of Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Berlin promises to make a quick decision on Leopard tanks

Under pressure for several days, Germany opened the way on Tuesday for permission for allied countries to hand over the heavy Leopard tanks that Ukraine had insisted on, promising to retaliate. “Expeditiously” For the request made by Poland to this effect.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said in Berlin on Tuesday that he did Explicitly encourage partner countries that have Leopard tanks ready for deployment to train Ukrainian forces in these tanks », During a press conference with Jens StoltenbergSecretary General of NATO.

These statements are a step forward in Germany’s position, as Olaf Schultz’s government is under increasing pressure to agree to the desire of NATO member states to deliver Leopard tanks to Ukraine, made in Germany.

So far, Finland and Poland have declared that they are willing to do so. Warsaw that you want to create a file “Alliance of countries supporting Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks”and he has officially sent a request to that effect, which Berlin confirmed its receipt on Tuesday. We will process the request with the required speed according to the procedure provided.reassured the German government spokesman.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said he hoped for a quick response, Because the Germans delay, delay, act in a way that is difficult to understand.. For his part, the NATO chief praised “clear message” the The new German Minister of Defense, In the position for less than a week. Stoltenberg stressed the importance of providing more heavy weapons to Kiev ” trusted “ In the fact that the solution will be ” So “ Found in tanks.

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“These deliveries won’t do any good.” On the Russian-German relations, on the other hand, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, responded today, Tuesday, that this “It would leave an indelible mark.”.

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