Germany suspends permit for Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

Germany suspends permit for Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

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After Moscow recognized the independence of the pro-Russian Ukrainian provinces, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz announced that he had suspended the license for the controversial gas pipeline connecting Russia to Germany. One of the first sanctions after Vladimir Putin’s speech on Monday night.

It was just completed in the fall, but not yet commissioned, so the project has been frozen. Olaf Schultz announced Tuesday, February 22nd, the suspension of the license for Nord Stream 2, this gas pipeline connecting Germany to Russia. Across More than a thousand kilometers long pipeline under the Baltic Sea bypassing Ukraine and should increase the ability to deliver Russian gas to Europe.

It has asked the Ministry of Economy to withdraw its report on the security of energy supplies from the regulatory authority so that the gas pipeline is not certified. Without this, Nord Stream 2 cannot run ‘, announced the German chancellor, adding that the file would be reconsidered by the German government. It has so far been awaiting ratification by Germany’s energy regulator, due to legal problems, in this case non-compliance with some provisions of German and European legislation.

critical attitude

Germany has long been criticized for its support for the Nord Stream 2 . gas pipeline Our correspondent in Berlin, Pascal Tibo. Angela Merkel has always defined it as a private enterprise with no political background. Olaf Schultz took up this thesis early in his tenure before correcting himself. Despite everything, there has been a lot of criticism against Berlin in the current crisis. German authorities have been criticized for not stating clearly that Russian intervention against Ukraine will have consequences for the gas pipeline. The majority of Germans have recently preferred the continuation of the project. Officials of the Social Democratic Party, the chancellor’s party, advocate a more conciliatory policy toward Moscow.

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Olaf Schultz, who greeted his Irish counterpart, described Vladimir Putin’s decision to recognize the independence of pro-Russian separatist regions in eastern Ukraine as an attack on international law, United Nations principles and other agreements signed by Moscow on respecting borders. and territorial integrity of states.

The White House welcomes comment

The German chancellor made it clear that the EU sanctions package is against Moscow.” Huge and strong This will be presented Tuesday. Despite everything, Angela Merkel’s successor called for diplomatic efforts between Westerners and Russia ” To avoid disaster “.

The White House welcomed Germany’s suspension of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline license: The President made it clear that if Russia invades Ukraine, we will work with Germany to ensure that Nord Stream 2 does not operate. We have had close consultations with Germany overnight and welcome their announcement. We’ll take our own action today Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for Joe Biden, said on Twitter.

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