Germany is defending second place in patents

Germany is defending second place in patents

The European Patent Office publishes the Patent Index

European Patent Office (aerial view). Photo: Peter Knevel / Dr.

(Photo: dpa)

With 25,954 records, Germany defended second place after the United States, which remains the undisputed leader with 44,293. It is followed by Japan and China.

“In general, the patent field is very stable in the face of crises, because companies invest in the long term in research and development even in crises,” says Jan Minier, chief economist at the European Patent Office. However, there are distinct differences between individual countries. While the number of patents from the USA, Germany and Japan decreased, China gained nearly ten percent.

Within Europe, however, Germany is clearly in the dominant position. Not only does it have more than twice the number of registrations the second company has in Europe and France. German companies are also powerful: they are losing Siemens Its position is assumed as the European group with the largest number of records Ericsson From Sweden, but that’s only because 584 patent applications are split Siemens Energy It can now be counted separately. Worldwide, that’s enough for Siemens who got sixth place with number 1634, just ahead of Bosch (1597). With BASF In 10th place, a third German company reached the 1st group.

The dominant firms in the ranking come from the Far East: Samsung LG is in first and third place are Korean, and Huawei is in second place, Chinese. However, most of the registrants per million inhabitants come from Switzerland. Germany is ranked sixth in this ranking.

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If you only look at the German level, then there is a Bavarian trilogy. Not only is Siemens the number one German company at the corporate level, the Free State also surpasses Baden-Württemberg with 5,421 and North Rhine-Westphalia with 5,047 with a score of 7204. Finally, Munich dominates the city’s ranking with 3,633 – far ahead of Stuttgart. (1379) and Ludwigshafen (1115).

The corona crisis is also noticeable in the patent mix. Once again, the medical technology sector ranked first as the field with the largest number of registrations with 14,295 applications. Digital communications and computer technology are closely tracked. Pharmaceutical research, which increased by a good 10 percent, and biotechnology, which increased by 6.3 percent, made particularly big leaps.

Details of the patent index

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