Germany expresses 'grave concern' over Putin's threats

Germany expresses ‘grave concern’ over Putin’s threats

German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock announced on Wednesday, December 22, that:great concernAfter Vladimir Putin promised a refundmilitary and technicalRussia, if its Western opponents do not end their policies, which it considered threatening.

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«I am very worried“Because the words of the Russian president intervened before.”troop movements“On the border with Ukraine, said the head of diplomacy, considering this”serious crisisA settlement with Moscow can only be through dialogue. Against the background of rising tensions over Ukraine, the head of the Russian state assured that he would accept “Appropriate military and technical measures to retaliate“If Westerners maintain what they consider to be”Very clear aggressive streak».

For the Kremlin, the United States and NATO are strengthening their presence on the Russian border by arming and supporting Ukraine politically, carrying out maneuvers and deploying forces in the Black Sea. On the contrary, the Westerners accuse Moscow of aggressive tendencies, since the Russian army has massed tens of thousands of soldiers on the border with Ukraine, part of whose territory Russia has already annexed. The German minister stressed the need to hold a dialogue with the Russian authorities using “Every millimeter of his means to act».

«Even if proposals are made that do not form our basis for negotiation, we should talk togetherIt is,” asserted during a press conference.The important thing is to get back to the negotiating tableWith Moscow as part of the Normandy format, which combines Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia. It is also necessary to useThe possibility raised within the framework of the NATO-Russia Council” From “Talk together and help so we can prevent further escalation».

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