German Foreign Ministry calls on China to withdraw sanctions

German Foreign Ministry calls on China to withdraw sanctions

The German Foreign Ministry called on China to lift the sanctions imposed on parliamentarians and scholars in the European Union. The Chinese leadership must love its decision, representatives Reinhard BoutiqueoverThe Minister of State said, “But also to punish the scholars, they must be brought back immediately.” Niels Annen Germany Liberation Network (RND). He described Beijing’s decision as “arbitrary” and “incomprehensible.”

He was the foreign ministers of the European Union Punitive measures will be taken against China on Monday. Four party and provincial representatives as well as an organization from Xinjiang have been placed on the sanctions list. These are the first European Union sanctions against China for human rights violations since the suppression of protests at Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989.

“Put the European Union on the list of people responsible for serious human rights violations in China,” Annen said. A reaction to the refusal of parliamentarians to enter is an arbitrary and incomprehensible decision. “

According to human rights organizations, there are at least one million people in Xinjiang Uyghurs Other Muslims are imprisoned in hundreds of concentration camps. There they were reportedly forced to abandon their religion, culture and language, and in some cases were also ill-treated. Beijing denies the allegations and talks of training and employment programs aimed at combating extremism in the region.

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