Georgia Meloni sets a conservative path for Italy's 'great nation'

Georgia Meloni sets a conservative path for Italy’s ‘great nation’

For her entry into the position, Giorgia Meloni chooses to camp her country like a boat caught in a storm, with her, the new president of the Italian Council, in the role of captain who promises the crew to hold the rudder with one hand. In her programmatic address on the morning of Tuesday 25 October to the House of Representatives, Giorgia Meloni transcribed the naval metaphor, promising to lead the country. Good port. And Italian deputies gave him the mandate yesterday evening, and gave him confidence with 235 votes, against 154 against, and five abstained from voting. “The path is set, let’s move forward”And the Commented on Twitter. On Wednesday, October 26, senators are back to confirm the government they formed on October 21, less than a month after the election they won at the head of a coalition of the Italian right.

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The first woman to assume the presidency of the executive authority since the establishment of the Republic in 1946I Meloni, head of the far-right Fratelli d’Italia party, has sought to embody continuity in the annals of economics and international relations – leaving her little room for maneuver – while making her mark on the cultural front. She repeatedly evoked conservative references to the traditional family and referred to “nation” – a rare concept in the Italian political lexicon – more than to “nation”. “Country” or “State”.

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The urgency of the energy crisis

However, it was first necessary to reassure the basics. Regarding Europe first, the leader of the right-wing coalition, who once called for an exit from the eurozone, recalled the fate of “Great Enterprise Nation” Italy, and is committed to respecting the budgetary rules of the Union while working to improve them. I don’t ignore curiosity (…) Raised by the attitude that the government will notice towards European institutions”And the And she admitted before saying that the Italian position would not be motivated by the spirit of opposition. It also called for closer European cooperation in the field of energy. globally, mr.I Meloni renewed his support for Ukraine and his attachment to NATO, the guarantor of Italy’s national interests.

This former admirer of Benito Mussolini must have denounced all forms of totalitarianism, “including fascism”. While in the past, fixated on the Italian political scene by Giorgia Meloni’s rate of radically conservative statements on social issues, she has renewed her commitment to never roll back the civil rights granted to homosexuals and the right to abortion. She also praised Italian politicians of all faiths who, in turn, allowed them to secede “glass ceiling”. As she invoked her connection to the family and scattered her notes with some religious references, the new head of the council insisted on the fact that her priorities were economic.

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