George Weah and Joseph Boakai with neck and neck surgery according to preliminary results

George Weah and Joseph Boakai with neck and neck surgery according to preliminary results

The two main candidates, George Weah and Joseph Bukai, remain neck-and-neck. But based on the counting of 98.50% of the votes, we can already say that there will be a second round. This should be done at the beginning of November.

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With our correspondent in the region. Benita Diagne

According to the latest results announced by the National Elections Commission. George Wea He received 43.79% of the votes, followed closely by Joseph Boakai, who received 43.49% of the votes.

So the results are so close that there can be no winner in the first round. According to the electoral law, to win the elections in the first round, you must obtain at least 51% of the votes.


This Tuesday, at the beginning of the press conference, Davidita Brown Lansana, President of the National Electoral Council, explained that there were missing ballots due to the destruction of the ballot boxes, according to her.

On Friday, this official mentioned an incident in Saino County, where results reports were stolen. The suspected perpetrators have been arrested.

This type of incident seems to slow down the announcement of the results in their entirety. This announcement kept the country in a state of suspense for several days, prompting its monitoring mission Economic Community of West African States To publish a press release calling for calm. This mission asks political parties to avoid announcing results prematurely in order to reduce tensions surrounding the National Elections Commission.

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