Genshin Impact Zhongli is available as playable character this week

Genshin Impact Zhongli is available as playable character this week

With the Unreconciled Stars event coming to an end and the Tartaglia event logo coming to an end, the Genshin Impact is about to drop whatever remains of the new content patched with Update 1.1 – including a new mission and two new characters. Zhongli, a five-star character that players will know as a large part of the game’s main story in Chapter 1, will now have his signature event banner called “Gentry of Hermitage”.

The new banner features Zhongli as the main 5-star character, which means players will have an increased opportunity to add him to their rosters. Unlucky players will have to make at least 180 wishes before they can secure Zhongli’s withdrawal. Like other five-star streamers, players can spend hundreds of dollars trying to acquire the character through the Genshin Impact’s gacha system.

The sign also adds 4-star Pyro character Xinyan, Liyue rock star who uses Claymore. In addition to the new characters, players will also have an increased opportunity to draw Razor and Chongyun.

The new update will also add the story of Zhongli, the separation of the Historia Antiqua. The mission will be unlockable with a story key for players over 40 AR who have completed Chapter 1: Act 3, the main mission. The new Banner Event will also add a new daily login event for additional rewards, as well as character experience challenges for each of the featured characters.

Zhongli was a highly anticipated addition to the character roster, as the game’s first 5-star Geo user, and the second pole-using character added after Xiangling. His attacks include a unique “Petrification” ability that freezes enemies in stone, making them vulnerable to additional damage.

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Desire for the new event will start on December 1 and run through December 22, which is the day before the Genshin Impact 1.2 update is set to add additional content and the Dragonspine Mountain Region.

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