Garmin introduces new energy meters with "Rally" - triaguide

Garmin introduces new energy meters with “Rally” – triaguide

With Rally, Garmin introduces a new series of sports cycling energy meters. The slim pedals have been specially developed to meet the needs of cyclists who want to effectively increase their performance by training with benchmarking. Energy meters provide information about pedal strength and percussion. Racing with power metering on both sides also defines the extended cycling dynamics – first for race bikes, mountain bikes and gravel bikes.

Grouped energy meters are available as single or dual sensor systems:

  • Rally RS100 And the RS200 Rally For road cyclists it provides compatibility with SHIMANO SPD-SL cleats
  • Rallye XC100 And the XC200 Rallye For off-road cycling (mountain bike, gravel, cyclocross) compatible with SHIMANO SPD cleats
  • RK100 rally and RK200 rally For racing cyclists compatible with LOOK KEO cleats

Comprehensive performance measures for effective training

Rally strength meters provide reliable and accurate data for every training session via the pedal sensors. With the Rally RK200, Rally RS200 and Rally XC200 dual-sensing systems, cyclists can view the left and right leg data gauges independently of each other. The pedals measure cadence, overall strength, the force distribution between the left and right leg, and advanced cycling dynamics. Based on this data, training can be adapted to specific strengths and weaknesses in order to continually improve your driving performance. The pedals also record the time the driver spends sitting or standing and allow to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the respective posture. In addition, the power phase is specified, which indicates when the engine power starts and ends in the pedal cycle. Pedal systems with the Rally RK100, Rally RS100 and Rally XC100 sensor use the forces recorded on the left pedal to measure both cadence and strength. Easily convert to dual sensing system.

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Varied application possibilities on rough and off-road as well as inland

Training becomes most effective with compatible Edge PCs and the Garmin Connect app, as data upload and pool software can be updated. The rally watt gauge systems have a battery life of 120 hours and can be stabilized like any other pedal. Thus, it is possible to quickly exchange the wheels without any problems. In order to be able to use all aspects of cycling year-round – whether on the road, on the track, or on a mountain bike, gravel or cyclocross – the pedal hub is designed so that the pedal bodies can be changed easily (pedal body) replacement kits are available separately). This means you’ll never have to do without wattage – all with the Rally’s one-watt pedal system and an additional pedal-body-replacement kit.

The Garmin Rally Series in Detail (Available immediately)

  • Slim design with fully integrated battery cover and low rack height for better ergonomics
  • Easy assembly and quick pedal change between multiple bikes
  • Rally XC pedal system for MTB, gravel or road bike
  • Rally RS Wattmess-Pedalsystem auf SHIMANO SPD-SL-Basis
  • The Rally RS100, RK100 and XC100 offer an affordable entry into the world of energy metering through single-sided metering (switching to a dual-sensor system for extended cycling dynamics is possible without any problems)
  • Measuring strength and cadence with a measurement accuracy of +/- 1%
  • Cycling dynamics for better performance analysis
  • ANT + and Bluetooth compatibility
  • Integration into the Garmin ecosystem via Garmin Connect as well as computers and wearables compatible with Edge bikes
  • Battery life is up to 120 hours
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