Gallery – The Adventure of Violet Merg. Contemporary Art Space – Boulevard de Groisin, 15 October 2021, Groisin.

Gallery – The Adventure of Violet Merg.
From Friday 15 October to Sunday 21 November at L’Espace d’Art Contemporain – POULET DE GRUISSAN
Former computer engineer Marie Constance Mallard decided to change her life after exhaustion. “The day I started looking for a book for my children, which would evoke life in Toulouse, I couldn’t find any,” she explains. This is how Violet Merg’s character was born. Violet because it is the symbolic flower of Toulouse, and merg, which means “mouse” in Occitan. Seven years after the release of the first volume, more than 60 thousand copies have now been sold … And that’s just the beginning of the story, because ideas to continue making his travel heroine flow in his head! On the program of this exhibition are workshops, a conference and many other surprises.
free entry. Health Pass.
The city of Gruissan will soon welcome Toulouse author and painter Marie Constance Mallard for an exhibition from 10/15 to 21/11 at the Contemporary Art Space – POULET DE GRUISSAN

Contemporary Art Space – POULET DE GRUISSAN 20 av de la Douane Gruissan Aude

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