Liz Truss, la ministre des Affaires étrangères britannique avait, la veille, invité à l'unité face au comportement de la Russie.

G7 warns Russia of ‘serious consequences’ if Ukraine invades

The seven foreign ministers returned to the Ukrainian crisis and the fight against “authoritarian regimes”.

Russia is vulnerable toSerious consequences“In the event of an invasion of Ukraine, Britain’s diplomatic chief Liz Truss warned on Sunday 12 December after the G7 meeting in Liverpool (United Kingdom).

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The G7 foreign ministers meeting showed, according to Liz Truss, “The united voice of the G7 countries that account for 50% of global GDP, which is very clear (in fact) that there will be serious consequences for Russia in the event of an incursion into Ukraine».

The day before, at the opening of the G7, Liz Truss had already declared: “We must unite vigorously to confront the aggressors who try to limit the scope of freedom and democracy».

If you do not name these adversaries, these statements are part of the will of the United States, in particular, to engage the G7 in the Western strategy to counter China’s ambitions on the world stage. But for now, another rival is looming above all else: Moscow, which Washington, Europeans and Kiev have accused for several weeks of possible preparations for an invasion of Ukraine, which the Kremlin denies.

This burning issue was at the heart of the first bilateral talks on the sidelines of the meeting. And so Liz Truss raised the need for “A united front against Russian aggressionWith the new German Minister Annalena Barbock. These words echo the words of US President Joe Biden, wholet him know“Tuesday to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that Russia will be subjected to”Severe penalties, among other economic mattersIn the event of an attack in Ukraine.

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