La course aux sensations fortes du Futuroscope

Futuroscope Thrill Race – Seven to Eight

Futuroscope played the card of science and the future for thirty years in these 22 buildings. In the 2000s, under competition from Disneyland, Park Asterix, and Puy du Faux, and threatening to become obsolete, he changed his strategy and invested in action games. roller coaster, virtual reality, huge immersive screens, etc. Since then, to increase the number of visitors each year and its turnover, which was halved during the Covid crisis, it must constantly innovate. It seeks above all to extend the average length of stay of its visitors. So it was lacking in many hotels. Cosmos Station is the first station to come off Earth. From the outside, everything is fine. He appears to be resting on a planet with a red earth. But inside, ten days before opening, the space station’s decor hasn’t quite reached the level yet. Site administrators have to fight with some service providers. The building cost more than 20 million euros. It also has a new restaurant in France in operation. Featured people have discovered a preview of the attractive new brand of Futuroscope, Tornado Hunters. For the occasion, Rudolf Bowen, the park’s grandmaster, slid into the crowd to see if his investment inspires visitors. They are installed on a massive, fully mobile platform. There are 120 seats in the middle of the largest LED screen in Europe. It has an area of ​​470 m². The platform is placed on a giant hydraulic cylinder system. It can run itself up to 30 km / h. Special effects, smoke, real flame, rain spray and eight huge fans take care of the wind. Upon checkout, the delay in the queue seems to be forgotten. This video excerpt is from the reboot of Sept à Huit, a weekly news and reporting program broadcast on TF1 and presented by Harry Roselmack. 7 à 8 provides 3 to 4 reports on current events: politics, miscellaneous facts, society or even international events.

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