Cosgrave: vi racconto il futuro degli eventi tech

Future of Tech Events, Interview with Paddy Cosgrave

The collision It is the sister’s event Web top, Mega events in the tech sector, among the biggest events taking place in the world which actually happened last year entirely online, which has changed the rules of engagement: communication as if you are on a social network and the flow of sharing and chatting, but also a huge presence, much bigger , like never before. Paddy Cosgrave is the face of these events and despite the difficult period he managed to withstand the blow, also thanks to the fact that at the same time he is the president of a company that organizes events, but also produces programs. The company, called Happen, developed a proprietary webcast and networking event platform, increasing its business.

The future of technical events

There is no doubt that the juvenile sector is one of the sectors that has changed the most due to the epidemic. We interviewed Buddy Cosgrave about the future of events, on the occasion of the April 20-22 collision, which hosted a series of guests, from David Beckham to Nicole Kidman to Ashton Kutcher, famous faces but also technology investors. Paddy Cosgrave told us the big lesson he learned was that the desire to unite, and to be together is stronger than ever today and they never came out, so the juvenile business is online and will be up and running again when he hopes this whole period is. It is over, and we will be able to meet again in existence. He notes that in New Zealand, Australia and in countries free of Covid-19, there is greater hunger for juveniles than before. Therefore, the great opportunity for everyone was to turn these activities into an online version. Today, the possibility to hold mixed events, both online and offline, is affordable for everyone.

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Tax issue

Finally, when asked about the biggest problem on the bench for tech players today, he had no doubts: taxes, with Joe Biden deciding with the big European countries to change tax rules. According to Paddy Cosgrave, all of this will have a huge impact especially for a country like Ireland, where he lives, while an unprecedented economic revolution is expected in Europe.

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