Fury in the Netherlands: Church-goers attack journalists

Fury in the Netherlands: Church-goers attack journalists

Church attendees violently attacked journalists in two locations in the Netherlands. The Protestant Orthodox churches in Urk and Crimpen aan den Egsel opened their doors to hundreds of visitors Sunday morning despite strict Corona rules and public criticism. Church services were conducted without observance of protective measures. Journalists covering the attack were attacked in front of churches.

Eyewitnesses said that a 43-year-old man kicked and beat a TV reporter in Crimin-en-Den Agysil, near Rotterdam. Police said the man was soon taken from service and arrested. In Urk in the northeast Amsterdam A man deliberately hit a TV cameraman. Previously, churchgoers would throw reporters there, like It can be seen on TV pictures. The two journalists are said to have sustained light injuries.

Religious gatherings are not prohibited in the Netherlands

Police and politicians described the violence as unacceptable. Justice Minister Fred Graberhouse stated: “An independent press is essential for a constitutional democratic state.” Representatives from several parties responded angrily. “Let the journalists do their work,” Social Democratic Party leader Lillian Blumen wrote on Twitter.

He was already prime minister Mark Rutte He criticized the churches for being irresponsible for allowing hundreds of people to worship despite being closed. Religious communities cannot be prevented from gathering under the constitution. But so far, most societies adhered to the rules and allowed a maximum of 30 visitors for church services.

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