Frontex: Fabrice Legere uses a ploy to obtain weapons for the Border Protection Agency

Frontex: Fabrice Legere uses a ploy to obtain weapons for the Border Protection Agency

European Union Border Protection Agency Frontex It appears he wants to solve the legal problems of purchasing firearms with a gimmick. The imaging device will now be purchased as “technical equipment,” as Frontex President Fabrice Legeri recently told the European Commission in a letter.

Legeri said that since the term was not defined in more detail in the Frontex regulation, he saw nothing inconsistent with classifying the weapons as “technical equipment.” Additionally, Frontex regulation, as legal law of the European Union, is above national law – and therefore also above Polish law, as the French notes with good reason.

In recent months, internal EU documents have repeatedly warned that Frontex regulation and the agreement with the Polish state regarding headquarters in Warsaw There is no legal basis for purchasing and transporting firearms Poland Will provide. The use of non-lethal force by Frontex personnel, for example with batons or pepper spray, is also a legal problem.

»Weapons are not ‘normal’ technical assistance

But Leggeri doesn’t seem to care either. His letter to the committee shows that he has already bought 975 rubber sticks for 14,995 euros, 700 telescopic sticks for 43,400 euros, 3,800 units of tear gas for 50,290 euros and 300 bulletproof vests for 80,292 euros. Left-wing MP Ozlem Demirel criticizes the leftist MP Ozlem Demirel, saying, “With this, Frontex is creating a kind of special police force.” “Weapons are not ‘normal’ technical assistance, that should also be clear to Mr. Legeri.

The Frontex regulation adopted in 2019 provides for a “permanent reserve” of 10,000 security forces, 3,000 of whom are employed directly by border guards and must also be in uniform – a new order for the European Union authority. Recently, Frontex has gone through scandals Unlawful reviews Worried, her boss Legere is also vulnerable to criticism.

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