From Tuesday: Real estate frenzy and an exciting naval mission at CASA and Évasion

From Tuesday: Real estate frenzy and an exciting naval mission at CASA and Évasion

Proof that the return of television is imminent, many original products have been added to the catalog of specialized channels. Among them, discord numbers 1 And Giants of the past, expected respectively at CASA and Évasion, from Tuesday.

stars numbers 1 They are six prolific real estate brokers who no longer count the hours and do everything to keep their solid reputation intact. They say they are the best in Quebec. These four men and two women are determined to remain at the top of real estate sales in the county.

With them we go beyond simple bargaining, selling, finding a new buyer and signing papers. We are also interested in emotional charges and everything that is constantly on their minds.

Obviously, we’re talking about the money ($45,000 in commission on the sale, for example), but also the many risks and stresses that inevitably accompany their lifestyle.

“Daily life is the practice of real estate from morning to evening, from the time I open my eyes until I close them. I’m dreaming; it’s exciting to dream that you are in real estate. I “closed deals” last night. I woke up, burned from my transaction last night.” …it’s a pocket, isn’t it?” says Christine Giroire, whose main work is Repentigny.

These six busy day professionals have one strong point in common, a character trait we would even dare call immutable: They believe in themselves.

Big weak fish

in a Giants of the pastStress and motivation are completely different. Once again, we set out on an expedition with Cyril Chauquet, this fond of hunting who is not afraid to stir up danger for a taste of great satisfaction.

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At the time of the regeneration, he and his team wanted to protect the unique aquatic creatures that were on the verge of extinction by collecting samples of these towering animals, some of which have been around for more than 150 million years.

Adventurers want to give a boost to science so that it can advance.

During amusement and recreation, their noble task is not straightforward. Many unexpected elements speed up the heart rate, such as a fall from a tree, a severe insect bite, or a strong stream of water.

But Cyril Choquet and his band do not allow themselves to be imposed. “They drool, these fish. That’s why we have no choice: we absolutely have to help them. […] “The only way to protect them is to learn more about them,” the man said, more seriously in front of the camera.

Wildlife’s call is very strong. Make a difference in terms of the environment, too.

the offer numbers 1 It will be broadcast every Tuesday at 8:30 PM by CASA. Giants of the past It can be enjoyed every Tuesday at 9pm at Évasion.

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