From Manuela and Clara today the Six Nations and Top 10 are back because blue wins more than males

From Manuela and Clara today the Six Nations and Top 10 are back because blue wins more than males

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“Englishmen are very strong and unbeaten?” They are blessed professionals and we always sail between sports, work or study? Well, it doesn’t matter: we’re always proud to wear the blue shirt. And for England to come and win “this victory”.

Blessed are the rugby girls, daughters of the national team, who will start again today in Parma in the Six Nations Championship (direct Eurosport2 of 15) against the usual out-of-class, to referee Clara Munnarini, 31, from Parma, who is again today at sixteen of Her age, she made her debut in the top 10 men (First Class, which bestows the title Scudetto) because it never happened to any Italian. Little compensation for the stubborn Emilians, who, on Saturday, due to Covid, was unable to write a more important page in the history of Italian rugby: set in England and Scotland in the Six Nations, a role that has so far been rejected for us. References.

After all, on today’s show, the bell also appears in other matches Maria Giovanna Pacifico (Assistant Referee in Wales – Ireland) In the top ten, Maria Beatrice Benvenotti, from Rome, the youngest international referee in the world ever, and Beatrice Smusi from Brescia: both have the role of “fourth referee”, waiting for the mathematical vocabulary to adapt to these innovations. Blessed girls, but also blessed little girls from minirugby, more than 10 thousand, a small and large army in constant growth that bursts and dives into the goal thanks to the dedication of pioneering missionaries such as Maria Cristina Tonna, from Frascati, able to achieve everyone drops with a smile of prejudices and to fill the “gap” that The bad practice of sports in schools left for families, that “hatch” that will always punish us not only in the stadiums compared to the countries of the former British Empire “where the sun never sets”.

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Rugby, first historic victory over New Zealand: University Blue beat Black Ferns

Yes, Maria Cristina, on the field only 30 years ago for the first World Cup that the Fifa World Cup at the time didn’t even want to think about it. But the English girls decided that this should be done, so he invited 11 national teams across the channel, including the Italian team, which was born only 6 years earlier in Riccione, as well as the Soviet Union, which later disappeared with the abbreviation CCCP.

In short, 1991 marks the official birth of women’s rugby in the world, which has been played between national teams since 1982. Thirty years ago, the Blue Team with Tonna ranked seventh, a brilliant exploit, and also seventh in the current world ranking of the eternal national team ct Andrea de Giandomenico, From L’Aquila, who finished two Six Nations championships before beating France for the second time, also met with professional players, while Captain Manuela Forlan, Piaf, continues to swap the blue jersey and blue jackets as a “forklift driver”. “

“Of course I would like to be a rugby professional like the English – says the wing warehouse keeper – but we need to get there with the whole movement, broaden the base of practitioners, and be able to attract sponsors and the capital: let us therefore continue to adhere to these fronts.”

You got the captain? Lead the Always Onward Boarding Team, seventh in the world and second in the Six Nations, also surrounded by girls at the top of the judging category like Munnarini: amazing and unattainable odds and roles for males striving between 15th in the world and 2nd in the world. The sixth – well, the last – of the six. It is proof that if we all start in the same historical period in one form or another, as happened to women’s rugby, then Italy deserves more satisfying ratings than those crystallized among males, with a handful of nations playing and dominating the latter. Nineteenth century and not quite convinced of wanting to share the cake with newcomers.

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CT Smith works
Meanwhile, in Rome, the Fed has been going since yesterday with new president Marzio Innocenti: South African coach Franco Smith is swinging who could at least be substituted temporarily for New Zealander Kieran Crowley, from Benetton Treviso, perhaps waiting for a French coach.

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